Language Exchange Programs

International travel is an exciting opportunity for young people to experience and develop a deeper appreciation for cultures different from their own. True exchanges that involve school visits and homestays in one community provide students a more meaningful opportunity to connect with people and places while being immersed in a different language. By pairing students and families, we hope the exchange on both the visiting and hosting ends fosters meaningful connections and lifelong relationships. In an effort to teach authentic linguistic skills, global understanding and cultural empathy, we are pleased to offer two language exchange programs during the 2016 - 2017 school year.

Alalpardo, Spain

From Sept. 8 - 19, 12 Spanish students from Colegio Árula, a K - 12 school near Madrid, came to Charlottesville accompanied by two of their teachers. Up to 15 St. Anne's-Belfield Upper School students will travel with faculty chaperones, Beth Miller and Antxon Iturbe, to Spain in June 2017. The similarity of mission between the two schools as well as a shared commitment to making linguistic and cultural exchanges affordable for families are what make this exchange so attractive.

A sample of activities students will enjoy in both countries includes attending classes and community events, visiting local museums and attractions, guided tours of the nation's capital, tasting typical foods from the host country, and enjoying outdoor activities popular in the region.

Cognac, France

Oct. 8 - 18, 15 French students from the little town of Cognac accompanied by two teachers will come to our community and stay with host families. They have planned various activities in the area, ranging from a visit to Monticello to a tour of Colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown, as well as spending some time at School. For two weeks in June 2017, up to 15 St. Anne’s-Belfield Upper School students will travel to Cognac with Isabelle Reeves and Karine Boulle and will stay with host families. Several excursions have been planned while in Cognac as well as a trip to Paris at the end of the trip.

A group of students and faculy members travel to Alalpardo, Spain as a part of the Language Exchange Program.