Daily Schedule & Special Events

The Upper School’s daily schedule is a reflection of the School’s philosophy that “the transmission of knowledge, the encouragement of curiosity, the development of rational thought, and the cultivation of responsible, honorable behavior are the great ends of education.”

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Our schedule includes extended class periods allowing students to explore deeply and work carefully on just a few topics each day, as well as provides opportunities to engage substantially in problem-based learning, experiments, off-campus experiential learning, and more.

Scheduled time for faculty development and collaboration, Chapel, club time, community time, and faculty office hours are also a feature of our Upper School schedule. This dedication to community and collaboration not only encourages positive and significant work, but peer-to-peer and student-teacher relationships as well.


Upper School Schedule


Curriculum Flowchart

The Upper School’s Curricular Progression is a visual representation of the courses of study available to students.

Each student’s academic journey is planned in consultation with Upper School faculty to ensure that his or her needs are met and he or she is best prepared for future plans and goals.

For more information on individual classes, please view the Upper School Curriculum Guide.

Special Events

Throughout the school year our Upper School students participate in a number of special events designed to related directly to the curriculum or to build community.

Some of these events are long-standing traditions that have been with the School from its early days, while others are newer happenings that have only come about in recent years.

Clubs and Activities Fair
In early September the Upper School hosts a fair at which each club and activity sponsors a table. Students have the opportunity to visit with representatives and learn about different opportunities to get involved in campus life.

Field Day
Students from Kindergarten through twelfth grade take part in the School’s annual Field Day, divided into maroon and white teams. Each grade engages in age-appropriate challenges, with the Senior – Kindergarten Piggy Back relay as the traditional final event.

Holiday Sing-Along
At the close of the week before Winter Break, Kindergarten students visit the Upper School to sing such classic seasonal favorites as Jingle-Bells, Up on the Roof Top, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Following the departure of the Kindergarteners, Upper School students continue the sing-along, sharing The Story of Hannukah and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. The event concludes with a creative rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Madame Day
Of long-standing tradition, Madame Day dates back to the historical roots of St. Anne's as a girls' boarding school. Each participating girl in the Upper School draws a “secret" name at the beginning of week preceding the Winter Break. Notes are exchanged on the Madame Day bulletin board throughout the week, and on the last day of classes, small gifts and tokens are given. On the morning of Lessons and Carols, all participants meet and reveal the names of their partners, sing songs, and give final presents.

Moving-Up Chapel
The last Chapel of the school year is given by a graduating senior and attended by eighth through twelfth grade students and faculty. At the conclusion of the Chapel, the seniors move from their seats in the senior section to seats on the stage floor, symbolizing their graduation from the School. Each class, in turn, is invited to "move up" from their current class section. At the end, eighth grade students are invited to join the Upper School, and they take their seats in the freshmen section of the auditorium.

Open Mic Nights
Held two or three times a year, Open Mic Nights provide students and teachers with opportunities to exhibit their special talents. A variety of stage presentations are performed during the evenings, including musical performances both classical and pop, storytelling, dancing, readings from students and teachers, and comedy acts.

This one-day event introduces students and their parents/guardians to the Upper School. Tours and meetings are given to new students and rising-ninth graders by Gold Key Society members. Parents and guardians are greeted by several members of the administration. The event concludes with a brief reception where families have an opportunity to meet teachers and advisors.

Senior-First Grade Easter Egg Hunt
A long-standing tradition in the School, seniors purchase and hide treats in designated areas of the Greenway Rise Campus. First grade students visit the Upper School and hunt for treats with the help of senior partners. Afterwards, seniors and first grade students share songs, games, and a picnic lunch.

Senior Trick-or-Treat
Seniors are the only Upper School students to have the privilege of dressing in costume for Halloween. They "trick-or-treat" in the morning to pick up treats and share their costumes with the Upper School community. Later they visit the Learning Village to join the younger students in a Halloween Parade.

Spirit Week
This special week focuses on supporting our athletic teams through special-dress days and events. In the past, these have included Advisory Wars, Wacky-Tacky Day, Twins Day, Decades Day, and School Spirit Wear Day.