Senior Capstone

Students in Grade 12 have the option of pursuing a Capstone, which offers the opportunity to explore deeply a topic within an academic field of their choice.

A Capstone Thesis counts as a yearlong, full-credit, graded course, designed by the student under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Students are encouraged to enrich their study through participation in conferences and workshops, as well as through consultation with local or regional experts. Students convene regularly as a cohort to discuss progress, share ideas, and help each other overcome obstacles. In addition to learning more about their chosen topic and developing their research, analytic, and writing skills, students also report incredible personal growth and increased self-awareness as a result of their scholarship. More information can be found in the Upper School Curriculum Guide.

Ben Venerus

Ben V. '24

How Have Music Festivals Evolved To Become More Environmentally Sustainable in Response to An 
Increasingly Environmentally-Conscious World?

Christina Wang

Christina W. '24

How Has Nutrition Been Used as a Tool in Psychiatric Treatment?

Cecilia %22Cici%22 Yu

Cecilia Y. '24

How Do Issues of Female Gender and Sexuality Shape the Writing and Performance of One-Women Plays?

Annie Yuan

Annie Y. '24

How Can Information From a Zebrafish Model Be Used in Understanding Sleep in Humans?

The Senior Capstone is a unique opportunity to explore whatever subject you choose with the freedom of shaping your own learning experience. It allows you to combine your interests into one class. Although you work with mentors, you are the main guide in your research. I can guarantee that not only will you gain valuable time management lessons, but also acquire the skills to fit the level of professionalism the committee expects from you. In the end, the work you do will hopefully have a meaningful impact on the School and broader community!"
- Liza Khutsishvili '19, Recipient of the 2019 Senior Capstone Thesis Award
Senior Capstone presentation