Senior Seminars

Our Senior Seminars prepare students for future work at the collegiate level and beyond.

These small, focused classes allow our seniors to drive their own learning on interdisciplinary topics and develop essential skills while analyzing and sharing different perspectives on the issues discussed.

During Senior Seminars, students, faculty, and experts in the field collaborate in a yearlong experience that emphasizes exploration of multiple perspectives, research, critical thinking, and the creation of a one or more works that contribute to the betterment of the field of study. The structure of these seminars is more flexible than a traditional classroom model, and through this flexibility students are able to formulate and defend their own views both orally and in writing, develop and demonstrate media literacy, and generate and share new information to advance the field of study.

Participation in at least one Senior Seminar is required of all students, though many opt to enroll in several. Due to demand, space in seminars is often limited.


Past Senior Seminars have included:

  • 21st Century Citizenship: Local, National, and Global
  • Advanced Theatre Arts
  • BioTechnology and Ethics
  • Business Building
  • Cinema Studies & Film Production
  • Comparative Religion: Philosophies of the East & the West
  • Environmental Studies & Research
  • Heroic Quests
  • State-Building & Statecraft in Post-Colonial Societies
  • Voice & Vision: Creativity for the 21st Century


Learn about past Senior Seminar projects:

Students Partner with Rivanna River Co.


Students in the Environmental Studies & Research senior seminar travel outside the classroom for their projects.

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Students Discover Endangered Species in Rivanna River Watershed - Newsplex, Sept. 2016