Upper School

Welcome to the St. Anne's-Belfield Upper School.

The Upper School experience is designed to give students the freedom of choice to cultivate curiosity, passion, and excitement while feeling safe, challenged, and known.

Our Upper School builds upon more than a century of success to provide innovative academic programs, meaningful co-curricular experiences, and a diverse and supportive community.

The curriculum, paired with a recently revised daily schedule, allows students to dive deeper into their learning in longer class periods and more community time for Advisory, faculty office hours, faculty collaboration, and club meetings. Many students also take advantage of this unscheduled time to complete assignments and leave their afternoons free for extra-curricular and community service options. Visit the Upper School Curriculum Guide for a detailed look at the program and the Academic Highlights page to learn more about the division's signature programs, including Capstone Thesis, Humanities, Independent Study, Intensives, Life Skills, Senior Internships, and more.

In addition to multi-grade Advisory program, the entire Upper School meets thrice weekly at Community Meeting, Community Forum, and Chapel, reinforcing the strong ties among students and faculty.

With three full-time counselors, our College Counseling program boasts an industry-leading 33:1 student-counselor ratio; this allows for a highly individualized approach to the college process that promotes and cultivates meaningful relationships between students and counselors. Graduates matriculate at colleges and universities across the country and world - see where.

A Boarding Program is also available for Grades 9 - 12 students, playing an integral roles in to the School’s ability to provide a world-class education to all students, rich with a diversity of culture, thought, interests, experiences, and goals.


Graduation Requirements

Course Load
The required course load for all students is five periods of the school day each term unless specific permission to participate in fewer is granted by the head of the Upper School. Capstone Theses and Independent Studies do not count towards the required five periods of study. Given the uniqueness of the Upper School daily schedule, a significant number of students elect to carry six courses, and some students choose to carry seven. For more information, please view the Upper School Curriculum Guide.

Humanities: English (4 years): Humanities 9: English, Humanities 10: English, American Studies: English, and Humanities 12.

Humanities: History (3 years): Humanities 9: History, Humanities 10: History and American Studies: History.

Mathematics: Integrated Mathematics 1, 2, & 3: New students to the Upper School will have their academic record evaluated to determine appropriate placement in mathematics.

World Language: Level 3 of a St. Anne’s-Belfield world language offering (French, Latin or Spanish).
*Students entering after the freshman year must complete the equivalent of St. Anne’s-Belfield School’s Level 2 coursework.

Science (Physics, Chemistry, & Biology): New students to the Upper School will have their academic record evaluated to determine the appropriateness of prior science credits earned in fulfillment of the Physics, Chemistry, Biology requirement.

Performing & Visual Arts (1 year): Four-year students are required to pass one year of a St. Anne’s-Belfield visual or performing arts class.

Intensives (4 years): Every student must complete successfully one Intensive each year that he or she is enrolled as a full-time student. Intensives are valued at 0.3 credit.

Life Skills & Study Skills: Four-year students are required to participate in Freshman Life Skills during their freshman year. All sophomores new to the School will participate in Sophomore Life Skills during their sophomore year.

English Language Learning: ELL support is offered, as needed, for those students who have not yet achieved fluency in English. Incoming ninth and tenth graders who are non-native speakers of English may be enrolled in an additional class or required to attend extra-help sessions for customized support with reading, writing, and speaking at the discretion of the Humanities department.

Community Service Requirement: Four-year students must complete 60 hours of gratuitous service before final transcripts and certification of graduation will be sent to colleges. Students who enter after the ninth grade year must complete 15 hours of community service for each year they attend the Upper School.

Physical Activity Requirement: Graduation requirements for physical activity are based on the number of years a student is enrolled in the Upper School. Six total physical activity credits are required of students entering in ninth grade. See “Upper School physical activity requirements” below for more details.

Senior Seminar (1 year): Seniors are required to enroll in and pass one senior seminar.

Senior Internship Requirement: Created to give seniors a unique learning experience and a chance to be engaged in self-invested and relevant work, seniors are required to arrange an internship that embraces the academic values of St. Anne’s-Belfield School. The School will determine the Senior Internship term. All seniors will be required to present evidence of their experiences during a Senior Internship exposition event.

Advanced Placement Courses

St. Anne's-Belfield Upper School offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses in:
  • Calculus AB
  • Calculus BC
  • Chemistry
  • French Language & Culture
  • Music Theory
  • Physics
  • Spanish Language & Culture
  • Statistics

Students also routinely take exams in Biology, U.S. History, English Language, and English Literature after completing complementary courses in our curriculum.