Upper School

The Upper School experience is designed to give students the freedom of choice to cultivate curiosity, passion, and excitement while feeling safe, challenged, and known.

Our Upper School builds upon more than a century of success to provide innovative academic programs, meaningful co-curricular experiences, and a diverse and supportive community.

The curriculum, paired with a recently revised daily schedule, allows students to dive deeper into their learning in longer class periods and more community time for Advisory, faculty office hours, faculty collaboration, and club meetings. Many students also take advantage of this unscheduled time to complete assignments and leave their afternoons free for extra-curricular and community service options. Visit the Upper School Curriculum Guide for a detailed look at the program and the Academic Highlights page to learn more about the division's signature programs, including Capstone Thesis, Humanities, Independent Study, Intensives, Life Skills, Senior Internships, and more, or read the department philosophy statements.

In addition to multi-grade Advisory program, the entire Upper School meets thrice weekly at Community Meeting, Community Forum, and Chapel, reinforcing the strong ties among students and faculty.

With three full-time counselors, our College Counseling program boasts an industry-leading 33:1 student-counselor ratio; this allows for a highly individualized approach to the college process that promotes and cultivates meaningful relationships between students and counselors. Graduates matriculate at colleges and universities across the country and world - see where.

A Boarding Program is also available for Grades 9 - 12 students, playing an integral roles in to the School’s ability to provide a world-class education to all students, rich with a diversity of culture, thought, interests, experiences, and goals.