Special Events

Each year our Pre-School students take part in a number of beloved traditions that our “sandbox kids” remember for years to come. These special events are a joy for the entire School community, and are often shared with older students and parents.

Birthday Fairy
For more than two decades the Birthday Fairy has flown to the St. Anne’s-Belfield Pre-School to help celebrate students’ birthdays. She traces the birthday boy or girl and around the tracing writes the words of other students who describe their favorite activities to enjoy with the birthday student. Before she leaves, the Birthday Fairy also gives the birthday boy or girl a gift of magic birthday stones, as many as are equal to the student’s new age. The stones will help the student grow big and strong.

Farmer Lourie’s Pumpkin Patch
Each Halloween, Head of School David Lourie becomes "Farmer Lourie" and welcomes Pre-School students to the pumpkin patch where they can select a pumpkin and listen to a festive storybook reading.

Festival of the Leaves
Junior Kindergarteners celebrate fall foliage when they become the teachers of a leaf unit, showing their parents their assigned leaves, reading leaf-themed books, and of course sitting on the classroom’s Leaf Throne.

Pre-School Trike-A-Thon
The annual Pre-School Trike-A-Thon takes place in the spring and students ride a short course to raise funds for U.Va. Children's Hospital. Over the years, this event has raised more than $25,000 for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and U.Va.

Mother's Day Tea
Each year Junior Kindergarten students don spring hats and welcome their mothers to a feast of special treats in honor of Mother's Day.

Teddy Bear Picnic
This end-of-year event invites students and teddy bears to a festive last day of school that includes a sing-along performance for parents.