The Pre-School embraces our youngest learners and their families in a nurturing and joyful environment that encourages a life-long love of learning and emphasizes cooperation, creativity, wonder, and joy.

Serving as the first step on the educational journey through St. Anne's-Belfield School, our three Pre-School programs are interdisciplinary and inquiry-based, designed to emphasize emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development and discovery.

Class sizes are small, ensuring that faculty know each child well, and facilities include exciting spaces such as a storybook garden, a beautiful studio filled with blocks of all sizes as well as sensory bins, a spacious playground, and gross motor playroom.


Pre-School parents have a number of resources at their disposal as well. Parent education courses and guest speakers are just a few of the ways in which the Pre-School supports parents in their involvement in their children’s education, and with issues related to children’s earliest years both in and out of school. Pre-School parents also have access to Systemic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) classes which reinforce raising responsible, confident, and independent children, and are a wonderful way to connect with other parents traveling the same path.

A biweekly Chapel service helps build and celebrate the Pre-School community while beginning a tradition that will follow the children through their years at the School. By the time they graduate, these students have benefited from a rich curriculum and a meaningful connection to the greater School community. Visit the Pre-School Curriculum Guide for a detailed look at the program.


Pre-School Divisions


Available to current two-year-olds and younger three-year-olds, our Two-Year-Old's Program encourages learning through play. Our students are engaged in captivating experiences while learning group social skills. The curriculum includes an emphasis on developing language, speech, and motor skills, as well as self-help and independent living skills.

Two, three, and five days per week participation options are available.


The Pre-School program is a two-year program for three- and four-year-olds who interact and learn in mixed age groups. Each day consists of independent play, teacher-directed group activities, and individual instruction.

The teachers use a team-teaching approach — two teachers collaborate extensively to implement the program in a 7:1 student/teacher ratio. Participation is five days per week.

Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten creates a bridge between Pre-School and Kindergarten. Extended educational experiences prepare young learners for the exciting world of the Learning Village.

The lead teacher and assistant teacher create a dynamic learning environment with opportunities for teacher-directed and self-directed learning activities. The Junior Kindergarten classroom includes learning centers to foster creativity while supporting learning. Participation is five days per week.