Pre-School Academics

The Pre-School embraces our youngest learners and their families in a nurturing and joyful environment that encourages a life-long love of learning and emphasizes cooperation, creativity, wonder, and joy.

Serving as the first step on the educational journey through St. Anne's-Belfield School, our three Pre-School programs are interdisciplinary and inquiry-based, designed to emphasize emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development and discovery.

Class sizes are small, ensuring that faculty know each child well, and facilities include exciting spaces such as a storybook garden, a beautiful studio filled with blocks of all sizes as well as sensory bins, a spacious playground, and gross motor playroom.


Pre-School parents have a number of resources at their disposal as well. Parent education courses and guest speakers are just a few of the ways in which the Pre-School supports parents in their involvement in their children’s education, and with issues related to children’s earliest years both in and out of school. Pre-School parents also have access to Systemic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) classes which reinforce raising responsible, confident, and independent children, and are a wonderful way to connect with other parents traveling the same path.

A biweekly Chapel service helps build and celebrate the Pre-School community while beginning a tradition that will follow the children through their years at the School. By the time they graduate, these students have benefited from a rich curriculum and a meaningful connection to the greater School community. Visit the Pre-School Curriculum Guide for a detailed look at the program.


Pre-School Divisions