Learning Village Grades K - 4

The Learning Village Grades K - 4 creates an intimate educational environment encouraging students to explore and question their world.

Our students enjoy the challenges of an exciting program that encourages curiosity, teaches basic skills, and nurtures each child's social, creative, and academic growth. The dedicated professionals who make up the inspire the habits of lifelong learning within a caring, respectful, and loving community. Students develop the confidence that comes from the accomplishments of hard work and the contentment of spirited play.

Teachers know the students as individual children and learners as well as members of a community.

Grades K - 4 students learn reading/language arts, mathematics, and writing. In addition to these core subjects, students also study science, history/geography, Spanish, visual art, performing art, library/media, computer science, and physical education. Technology is integrated in meaningful ways to support learning across the curriculum. During weekly mornings, teachers supplement basic academic skills with the habits and skills of project-based learning. Children develop perseverance as they generate questions, solve problems, collaborate with peers and follow their natural curiosities and intellectual pursuits.

A weekly Chapel service, assemblies, an assortment of optional, after-school SKOLA classes, and field trips complement the Learning Village Grades K - 4 schedule.