The St. Anne’s-Belfield School community embraces the opportunities and challenges inherent with teaching middle school students and commits to meeting the central needs of this age: belonging, exploring and discovering, and developing a sense of self.

Students are in a constant state of becoming, and this process is neither predictable nor smooth. In the midst of this time of great change resides unlimited possibility, and for this reason, middle school is an opportunity to be seized, not a time to be endured. Our private middle school in Virginia offers great methodologies that are both spontaneous and intentional, playful and challenging, timely and lasting. Our students value strong relationships with teachers, coaches, and parents even as they resist adult guidance and strive to become decision­-makers in their own lives. Necessarily creative and perpetually on the brink of a new skill or discovery, they must have time to work and play each day. They thrive when learning harnesses peer interaction, ensures inclusion, and provides a sense of belonging. To navigate these years, they must develop and exercise strength, courage, and an ever-­evolving sense of self – traits that flourish when they are known.

Marie Reed

We love middle schoolers. We think they are remarkable and have a special capacity for joy, flexible and creative thinking, questioning and wonder. They more often than not bring a special hopefulness that the world desperately needs. We love them so much that we learn from them and with them. Our goal isn't to turn them into little high schoolers. It is to help them seize the remarkable potential of the moment they are in.
— Marie Reed, M.A., P. '27 & '30, Head of the Middle School

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