Upper School Art

Our Upper School student-artists are hard at work at home! Check out some of their recent projects below.


First page of the PDF file: NoahH-CeramicsIndependentStudies

Click the image to view the work that Noah is doing on his Ceramics Independent Study. He is digging deep literally and figuratively with finding clay in his yard, refining it, and creating with it. He is also researching pit fire techniques with the hopes of firing his work.

Noah found a good area to get clay - rich soil in the woods, collected it in a container, and made it into balls which did not break.
Ran dug a medium size hole in his backyard and got a bag full of dirt with clay minerals in it. He hopes to do more digging and find more clay material until he has enough to craft something.
Amani dug a hole about seven or eight inches deep. He picked out and removed some of the dirt and little rocks and the clay was there. It was not very easy to work with, so he plans to go back out and dig more.
The coarse, red clay shown here is the first step into making clay. If Randolph continues to search, there may be a chance of finding the more gray clay. The clay he found is surprisingly moldable and easy to use.
Foundations of Drawing & 2D Design
Upper School student works on a project.