College Counseling

A Highly Individualized Approach

St. Anne’s-Belfield School students are the beneficiaries of a comprehensive curriculum that guides them through every phase of the college process. With three full-time counselors, St. Anne’s-Belfield’s College Counseling Office boasts an industry-leading 31:1 student-counselor ratio; this allows for a highly individualized approach to the college process that promotes and cultivates meaningful relationships between students and counselors.

Fundamentally, the college process is an exercise in self-examination and, ideally, self-discovery—a class in which the questions are of the most essential type, and the subject is the exploration and formation of each student’s future best self. In the most important ways, no two college processes are alike because no two students are exactly alike. While reassuring and empowering students, we also encourage them to wrestle with some of life’s most profound questions.

The College Counseling Office is committed to helping students find the best college for them. We promise to provide guidance and counsel in all phases of the college process, from researching, investigating and suggesting colleges that align with students’ academic and extracurricular interests, to assisting in the various phases of the applications processes, to consultation and evaluation of the student’s acceptances and options. In the end, we hope that students will come to fully understand their talents, needs and goals, and that they will discover and matriculate at colleges that foster and nurture all that they hold most dear.

St. Anne’s-Belfield School is an active member of The Association of College Counselors in Independent Schools (ACCIS), The National Association of College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), and The Potomac & Chesapeake Association of College Admissions Counseling (PCACAC).


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