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A Highly Individualized Approach

At St. Anne’s-Belfield, our college counselors are more than just advisors to our students; they are partners in the college process. Year-round access to our counselors gives you the invaluable opportunity to seek out their input at every stage of your college journey. They’ll help you identify your goals and decide where you want your education to take you. Then they’ll guide you through the application and financial aid processes, so that you can customize a plan for meeting those goals. 

College Process Guide

It's hard to express my never-ending gratitude for your help throughout the college admissions process. Your unwavering help made the process so much less terrifying. 

Where Our Students Attend College

Our students matriculate to colleges and universities across the country and world to further pursue their passions as lifelong learners. See where our graduates are attending here.

Christopher Newport University
Princeton University
Columbia University
Virginia Commonwealth University
New York University
University of Chicago
Rochester Institute of Technology
Olin College of Engineering
University of Michigan
University of Kentucky
George Washington University
Emory University
Colorado College
Hampton University
University of Pennsylvania
Johns Hopkins University
Boston College
Luther College
Clemson University
William & Mary College
Washington & Lee University
Carnegie Mellon University
Virginia Tech
Roanoke College
University of Virginia

College Counseling News

College counselors meet with students to discuss the college process

Clare A. '23 walks us through the college process, and in her words "as a senior that has committed to college, I can offer words of wisdom and explain it a bit." Here are some things she has learned throughout the process!

What U.S. Colleges and Universities REALLY Want

Here we explore some common misconceptions about the college admissions process in the United States and take a look at what U.S. colleges and universities actually want from prospective students.