At St. Anne’s-Belfield School, challenging academic curricula matched with unique and innovative learning opportunities create an environment in which curiosity and inquiry flourish at all levels.

Many of our youngest students enter our Pre-School or Kindergarten and encounter the formal world of education for the first time. Serving as the first step on the educational journey through the School, our Pre-School and Junior Kindergarten programs are designed to emphasize emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development. The opportunity in these initial years is truly rare, and we are fortunate to have these moments and seek to draw students out and foment their emerging interests.

To enable such independent curiosity to blossom further and to allow students to see a bigger reality, our Learning Village Grades K - 4 program includes not only the academic skills of reading, writing, and computation, but of learning opportunities like FAB Lab, a project-based learning curriculum, which engages students and faculty each week. Here students hone the habits and skills needed to pursue student-selected inquiries. Each student generates a question, solves a problem, collaborates with peers, and follows their natural curiosities and intellectual pursuits. Such a process pushes students to think beyond themselves, a skill critical in the transition to the Learning Village Grades 5 - 8 where a more nuanced perspective is required.

At St. Anne’s-Belfield, our students leave us having developed skills and found passion for authentic learning, putting together a variety of ideas into a more unified whole.

Interdisciplinary study marks the Learning Village Grades 5 – 8 curriculum, with English and social studies combined in the fifth grade to enhance our students’ global empathy and knowledge through the exploration of cultures, governments, and countries different from our own. This segues into the School’s Humanities program, which begins in seventh grade. Our Singapore Math curriculum stretches from Kindergarten through sixth grade for a depth of learning mathematical concepts, and provides a firm foundation for our Integrated Math sequence in grades eight through twelve, which consolidates pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry.

Spanning the Grades K - 12 curriculum is our Computer Science program. Early forays into coding in the lower grades allow our middle learners to grow as computational thinkers, makers, and coders. Computer science elective classes and clubs are available in the Learning Village Grades 5 – 8, and push our students not just to pursue a vital new academic pursuit, but to stretch how they think and solve problems. In the Upper School, computer science continues to enhance an already strong foundational sequence of physics, chemistry, biology, and earth science. The world is studied closely in these science courses, and scientific content meshes wonderfully with the growing skills and habits of young scientists and naturalists.

Also encouraging our Upper School students to think broadly and make connections is the Humanities program, in which previously separated subjects are explored in an in-depth, interdisciplinary manner that allows students to reflect on themselves, the world around them, and their places in it.

Seventh grade boys work on the computer together.