Faculty & Staff

"The School will continue to cultivate enriching relationships between faculty and students, both in and outside of the classroom, in order to develop on its promise that each student be known well and appreciated individually."

These words, the third goal statement in St. Anne's-Belfield School's 2011 - 2016 Strategic Plan, are far from being just characters on a page. Every day, faculty members are realizing this pledge to the School's students, walking alongside them as partners in their academic journeys and forging incredibly meaningful relationships in the process.

In addition to contributing so greatly to School life and keeping the student-teacher relationship at the core of the School experience for all community members, our faculty are diligent in their own educational journeys. Eighty-two percent of our faculty hold advanced degrees, and each year 100% take part in one or more professional development activities to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

To teach at St. Anne's-Belfield School is to join a more than 100-year history of excellence, support, challenge, and community. For more information on employment at the School, please visit our Career Opportunities page.

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